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ARKANA film studio

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Arkana Studio is an independent production company, established by Dorota Roszkowska in 2003. Its domain is documentary film. It is based in Warsaw and works all over the world. Arkana’s purpose is the deed of the things as indicated by the Latin word arcanus. Main fields of Arkana Studio’s activity are: production, education and promotion of documentary film.

Arkana Studio latest productions:

  • The Mill and the Cross, 80’ by Lech Majewski after the Pieter Breughel’s painting “Way to Calvary”; 2010, co-producer
  • Kruzenshtern, 56’ by Maciej Cuske; 2009, co-producers: TVP/ARTE/YLE; producer
  • Poste Restante, 14’, by Marcel Lozinski, 2008, producer. European Film Award 2009 for the best short film.

Arkana Studio is an organiser of international workshops of documentary film Dragon Forum which ends with pitching during Krakow Film Festival.

Arkana Studio is a co-organizer of international conferences and Multimedia Festival at the Royal Route in Warsaw, The Art of the Document.

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