"Around Kinematograf"
Written and directed by Marcel Łoziński

A media action resulting in a film portraying the Poles today

At the beginning of the third millennium, a moment after Poland joined the European Union, we reach for ancient direct democracy, where everybody can publicly speak their minds and have a chance to be heard out. For that purpose we will construct special cinematographic booths. In each one, there will be a digital camera recording video and sound. Everybone will be able to enter the booth and say what they regard to be most important. We want to give people a chance to ‘confess’ to the camera, except there will be no priest or cameraman inside the ‘confessional.’ Ten portable booths will be located in large cities, as well as small towns and villages all over Poland.

In terms of its scale and artistic dimension, KINEMATOGRAF is an unprecedented undertaking. KINEMATOGRAF may spearhead a European film-media action with the purpose of portraying Europeans’ collective consciousness. KINEMATOGRAF is an attempt at developing a new way of recording reality, at the same time it is a return to the roots of the cinema, to the Lumiere brothers, to the times, when the camera stood still and people were to approach it.

This complex multimedia project, whose author is one of the greatest documentary filmmakers, is an attempt at making artistic use of up-to-date technologies – film, television and the internet – in order to testify the modern society’s state of mind. KINEMATOGRAF will function as an interactive project, as well as a unique archival material. During the shooting period an all-nation multimedia action will take place. At the development stage of KINEMATOGRAF we will construct and test a booth prototype. The film made during the development stage, entitled “Around Kinematograf”, will serve as a marketing tool and it will also be broadcast as a trailer for the proper media action called KINEMATOGRAF POLSKA.

Dorota Roszkowska

Photo: Marzenna Szymańska

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