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About film

Title: Cut-Paste

Length: 29 min.

Genre: documentary

Completion: 2012


„(...) Heart transplantation is a method of saving the life of a patient, who needs a healthy organ to live. This method consists of the implantation into a patient a heart, coming from another human being. The heart can be taken from a deceased person, who during the lifetime has no objection to organ donation after death and when it has exhausted all possibilities for his treatment and who is formally diagnosed with brain death. So there are only a few hours to ascertain the will of the deceased and arrange a transplant (...) ”

Source: Poltransplant

A dozen hours from the man's death is the time during which closes the opportunity for another person's life. "Cut Paste" is a gripping metaphysical action-packed documentary film, where instead of gunfights and car chases, we can see moments, where what is most important really matters. Events in the film consists of a moving panorama of human tragedy and small victories, the struggle for life and idle waiting for rescue. Following this trail of despair and hope, we become acquainted with participants of this drama and we stop with them for a moment to watch them struggle with time, adversity ... and their own weaknesses.