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Karolina, a young Polish woman, sets off on a journey through Volhynia, where her family comes from. Her relatives were murdered in the so-called Volhynian massacre in 1943. This trauma constantly hurts. Karolina wanders on foot, accompanied by a Ukrainian cameraman Oleksandr. They talk with the inhabitants of Volhynia about past events. It is a film about crumbs of goodness, about memory and coming to terms with one's own past. It is the voice of the young generation in the process of Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation.

Title in English / Genre: GRANDPA'S ORCHARD documentary
Time: 72'
Year of production: 2023
direction: Karol Starnawski
Screenplay: Witold Szabłowski
Photography: Oleksandr Pozdnyakov
Editing: Paweł Kowalik
Sound: Tomasz Sikora, Anna Rok
Music: Ołeksandr Jarmoła
Color grading: Edgar Grischuk
Post-production: 422Post Paulina Halber
Administration: Katarzyna Grabowska
Production manager: Anna Uszyńska
Producers: Dorota Roszkowska, Gennady Kofman
Co-producers: Arkana, MaGiKa Film, TVP, Pilecki Institute, Gdynia Film Centre
Co-financing: Polish Film Institute, State Agency of Cinematography of Ukraine

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