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'Habit & Armour

Habit & Armour

Director - Paweł Pitera

Paweł Pitera

Paweł Pitera graduated from Polish Philology Department of University of Warsaw and Directing Department at The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School.

He made his debut in mid 80’s with neo-realistic comedy – “Sny i Marzenia” (Dreams and Fantasies). Then he made two television films: “Szkatułka z Hong Kongu” (Casket from Hong Kong), “Powrót do Polski” (Return to Poland) and television series - “Na kłopoty Bednarski” (In trouble -Bednarski) – comedy about a private detective who works in pre-war Gdańsk (city in today’s Poland).

The latter became particularly popular with audiences. It is broadcasting almost every year in Polish Television and has been capturing audience comparable in size with that of today’s most popular TV series. Stories of all of three productions mentioned above are taking place back in 1920’s.

In the 1990’s he made three educational TV series: 24-episodes “Maciek, rower i ekonomia” (Maciek, bike and the economy) - explaining free market economy to children and “Ach te okienka” (Oh, those windows), about computers and a series called “Szkoła komputerowa”(Computer school).

He is also directing two popular educational quiz shows. A TV series „Historia ubezpieczeń” (History of Insurance) was his next production.

In 2000 Paweł Pitera made a documentary film “Jan Paweł II i jego przyjaciel” (John Paul II and his friend) telling the story of Jewish friend of the Polish pope. A seven episodes documentary series „Watykan Jana Pawła II” (Vatican of John Paul II) was made in 2001. It was a sort of documentary essay, which three years later was developed in to fourteen episode monographic series “Discovering the Vatican”, which became an export hit of Polish Television. Also, a 90 minute documentary film was made for TV Arte from the materials made for the purposes of “Discovering the Vatican”. One year

later Paweł Pitera made a documentary film “Świadectwo” (Testimony) and TV series under the same title. The film gathered an audience of 1 100 000 viewers, the series – 11 000 000. “Discovering the Vatican” as well as “Testimony” are currently being sold on DVD. They sold a total of 500 000 copies over the last two year.

Paweł Pitera is also a theatre director (15 plays within the last 20 years) and is making other television formats as well, like video clips and advertisements. He also translates theatrical comedies.