The Last Pagans of Europe

"The Last Pagans of Europe" it is a creative documentary about the ancient Baltic tribes that shaped the history of the region of contemporary Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

It is a captivating and daring vision of the life of the Baltic peoples in the early Middle Ages. The guide in the film is a merchant from Jutland - Lars, who travels along the south-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, from the mouth of the Vistula river to city of Riga. It traverses the lands of Prussians, Yotvingians, Gallinds, Lithuanians, Latgals, Livs, Kurons and Samogitians. On the trade route, Lars experiences the surprising adventures. He takes part in the ecstatic festival of the equinox. He is wounded and then healed by shamans. He became a victim of a robbery and he was sold into slavery. Through the figure of Lars, the film introduces the viewer to the world of the ancient tribes, to their customs and rituals, recreated thanks to the power of imagination of the authors and the enthusiasm of the reconstructors, based on consultations with archaeologists from Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Genre: Documentary, historical drama
Time: 103’, 2 x 52’
Screenwriter: Toms Ķencis, Guntis Berelis
Directors: Lauris and Raitis Ābele
DOP: Mārcis Ābele, Janis Indriks
Producers: Kristele Pudane, Raitis Ābele, Dace Siatkovska
Co-Producers: Dorota Roszkowska, Thom Palmen
Film Production Company: Tritone Studio, Latvia
Film Co-Production Comapny: Arkana, Warmian-Mazurian Film Fund, Poland
Financing: National Film Centre of Latvia
Polish Film Institute